On the plateau of hills and craters (Planalto Leste), perched over the deep canyons «  ribeiras  » Casa Espongeiro benefits from ideal conditions to welcome young families and older visitors who may have limited physical capabilities.

IMG_7388The tropical heat is pleasantly cooled by the wooded environment and the altitude. Dust free air and blue skies mean that breathing conditions are unexpectedly pleasant for an atlantic subtropical location.

The large panoramic terrasse is enclosed and is a perfect and safe environment for little ones. Nice and  respectful children are welcome to share Misael and Lou’s toys.

View at Porto Novo

The back to base  hiking and walk trails are not difficult and their length (½ hour to 4 hours) can easily be adjusted. Our friend the donkey can carry the child or the heavy bag.

For people with reduced mobility, it is possible to rent a vehicule with driver in the village of Espongeiro, and at any time of the day.  Example  :to pick you up on your way back from a walk at Pico da Cruz or from the floor of the Cova de Paul crater.