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Up on the heights of the beautiful island of Santo Antao (« ilha das Montanhas »), Casa Espongeiro is first a family home, where Lucia and Alain, a French-Cape Verdean couple live with their young children: Misaël (12 years old) and Lou (9 years old). At an altitude of 1400 meters, close to the stars and  pure sky,  they welcome, in French, English and Cape Verdean Creole, lovers of open spaces and of unspoilt nature.

Rooftop terrace view
Rooftop terrace view

Relaxing atmosphere
Here the nights are quiet. From October to April, the springlike temperate climate allows the traveller to relax, to recover from treks and to sleep in the peacefulness and perfumes of the forest. From May to September, the traveller  appreciates the proximity of the forest away from the stifling heat of the seaside (see ‘Accommodation‘ for an impression of the rooms!).


Impressive nature 
The forest (the largest in Cape Verde) which covers the plateau  and its various slopes are an incredible exploration site  for geology and botany enthusiasts, the endemic fauna and flora of Santo Antao are within easy reach of camera lenses. For an impression of the environment, go to ‘Scenery‘.

Paúl Valley

Perfect start for outdoor activities
Ideally situated on the Planalto Leste, on the side of the old road called the « Estrada da  Corda » which runs through the middle of the island, linking Porto Novo to Ribeira Grande, the village of Espongeiro (80 inhabitants) is located at the crossroads of many hiking trails (Lagoa, Cova de Paul, Ribeira de Paúl, Pico da Cruz, Ribeira da Torre, Coculi, Caibros, Alto Mira, Chã de Pedra, Janela  etc…), all with various level of difficulties, whether on foot, on a bike or for children only on the back of donkeys, but always with breathtaking views over the surrounding valleys. Your host will be an endless source of information on all the little tracks around the village with great tips which will make your stay unforgettable. The remarkable Cova crater is only a 30 minute walk away!

Rooms: Casa Espongeiro has 4 bedrooms, each with en-suite shower rooms (with hot water!), leading onto a communal balcony offering a panoramic view over the plateaux. 2 smaller bedrooms with external shared facilities are also available for travelers on a smaller budget (called « basic » room).

Room 2
Room 2

Here, your sleep will be undisturbed: all the rooms open onto the peacefulness of the Altiplano and there is not much traffic on the « Estrada da  Corda ». There are no nightclubs, no dogs barking or howling, no cocks crowing, the banging of shutters or windows is virtually unknown. At this altitude (1370 m.) you can enjoy cooler, comfortable nights as there is a slight variation of temperature between day and night.

The overnight stay includes a full breakfast, served from 6.30am to 9.30am, with wood oven baked bread, homemade jams, fresh seasonal fruit.


  • Bedding and towels are provided in the rooms
  • Smoking  is forbidden inside the buildingTerrace
  • The Cape Verde archipelago suffers from severe drought. There is no water on the plateau and this shortage is a daily worry. The  modern toilets and shower facilities, installed for the comfort of the traveler are a permanent challenge in this part of the world. We hope our guests will be aware of this shortage and may be change their western habits showing respect for the local  environment and the people who live here.


Prices:  (from May  27th 2022)

SPECIAL OFFER  on « confort » bedroom  and its  breakfast, for 3 and/or  more  consecutive nights.

Example for a double bed  or twin bed  room  (2 persons) :  48€  x 3 nights = 144€.  Price/ night  for 1 or 2 nights : 60€

  • (prices per night,  in euros €  , including breakfast)
            1 night   3 or more nights (per night)   Halfboard : +14€cve/person/dinner
  • COMFORT (terrace, en-suite facilities)
  • Single
    • 46
    • 35
  • Double
    • 60
    • 48
  • Triple
  • Quadruple
    • 83
    • 99
    • 65
    • 82
  • BASIC (shared facilities)
  • Single
    • 20
    • 20
  • Double
    • 30
    • 30

B&B: room and breakfast
HB (half-board): half board  (room + breakfast + dinner)
Possibility of lunchpack to take  away, or plate of  the day at lunch : 6€ /person
The meals do not include drinks, except tablewater.

  • Since may 2013, a tourist tax, of 220 escudos per person/per night is due by each visitor over  the age of 16.  This tax no longer applies from the 11th night stay in the same  place. The prices above do not include this tax.