How to get here?



In Cape Verde and even more so in Santo Antao, one does not haggle. The price that will be proposed will the price paid by the local population. When you have experienced the difficult road conditions you will realise that transport costs are cheap.

From Sao Vicente island – Mindelo city :

2 Ferry companies .  See   fares  & time tables :

&  (ferry Nôs Ferry mar’dCanal)

One hour crossing  the channel Canal de Sao Vicente

Departures from Mindelo : 7:00,  8:00, 14;00  & 15:00 (except sunday)

Departures  from Porto Novo : 9:00, 10:00,  16:00  & 17:00 (except sunday)

Arriving at Santo Antão island (from the port of Porto Novo to Espongeiro):

At Casa Espongeiro, we favor the services provided by the colectivo of Jon de Corda. Jon is honest and punctual. Jon links Porto Novo – Espongeiro – Corda in minibus (white Toyota Hiace, name « Cratere de Cova »  in red letters), twice a day, whatever the weather and even if his aluguer is not full. By his regularity he provides a real service to the inhabitants of the Planalto Leste

Jon de Corda collective transport (tel 995 76 87 – speaks portuguese and créole) : daily departure from Porto Novo harbour to Espongeiro at 9.00 am et 4.00 pm. 300 $cve  per personne to reach Espongeiro. Jon de Corda also drops  passengers  at Cova crater, entrance to  the Paul valley.
If you book your transfer through Casa Espongeiro, Jon will welcome you at exit of the ferry terminal (up the stairs, in the middle of other shouting drivers), he will be holding a board with your name on a Casa Espongeiro panel.

As you leave the ferry terminal you will be confronted by a crowd of drivers, all wanting to work for you. Try to avoid the driver Furão (« Fouron » –  white written Hyace « TransFonseca » in backs)  who is wellknown to be dishonest and unscrupulus, also  present  in Ribeira Grande.

Taxi service from Porto Novo to Espongeiro : 2500 $cv, at all hours

Ribeira Grande to Espongeiro :

Some aluguers are parked in front of the chemistry (after Enacol servicestation) . The departures  are  at 10:30 am (driver Tchid’ ), at 11:00  (driver Dita), at 13:00 (drivers Didi & Aristide) , at 16:00 (Emidio,  till Corda)  . 250 $cv per person

Otherwise taxi, at any time : 2500 $cv.